YUM! Homemade Energy Gels and Bars

mary jo falvey homemade energy gelNutrition on the go can be a challenge for endurance athletes.  Many of the commercial products contain too much sugar, salt or nasty additives, or are expensive.  Here’s a healthy homemade alternative. It’s a simple recipe that you can add to as you wish.  The recipe made as is creates a perfect little ball of goodness.  For a “gel” type result use water to change the consistency.  Credit goes to the similar recipe created  by a Kona ironman participant (Haliey’s Salty Balls).  This version gives some options on add-ins, and instructions on how to make a gel type substance.

Basic Recipe

1/3 cup brown rice syrup (can be found at Kroger and Whole Foods)

1/2 cup protein powder (I used unflavored pea protein from Whole foods)

1/2 cup rolled oats

1/2 cup cacao powder

1/2 cup nut butter (I have used almond, sunflower, peanut and Tahini)

1/2 cup raisins

Possible Add ins / substitutions

2 packets starbucks via coffee

1/2 cup chocolate chips

1/2 cup dried cherries

1/2 cup carob chips

1/2 cup cocoanut

2 tsp cinnamon

1/4 cup chia seeds

1/4 cup crushed flax seed (may have to add more water with this option)

2 tsp vanilla

1/2 cup crushed nuts


Put all ingredients (except for raisins) in a mixer and mix together until it forms a sticky dough. Then add in the raisins and mix for another minute or so.

Roll into balls.

To make a gel, add 1/4 cup water.  The consistency should be sticky, not runny. Then use a small spoon to place into tiny ziplock bags (can find these on Amazon)

Refrigerate until use.

Recipe may be doubled or tripled.


Client Success Story: David Haselschwerdt

David-HWe recently sat down with David Haselschwerdt to talk Pilates.  David started at the center in April of 2015.  Although he had been working with a personal trainer for seven years, he suffered from nagging back pain.  He was looking for something different. Here’s his story.

the center:  What are the three things you like about Pilates?


  •  Pilates has improved my (core) balance, strength, and overall fitness, which in turn has improved my golf swings balance and rhythm.  All this has improved my fitness at the age of 71.

the center:  What What made you try Pilates?


  •  I wanted to protect and help my lower back so I could  avoid back surgery. By strengthening my core, increasing flexibility in my lower back and improving my shoulder function I have avoided surgery and feel great! 

the center:  What do you like best about Pilates?


  •  Pilates will improve your fitness without using heavy weights.
New News about Semi-Private Lessons!

New News about Semi-Private Lessons!

the center equipment lessons on stott reformer in marietta and east cobbSemi-Private Equipment lessons offer a personalized experience on the Pilates reformer, chair and tower machines.  The machines help to lengthen and strengthen the entire body.

the center Fall 2015 schedule:


9:00 am Essential Equipment

10:00 am Intermediate Equipment

6:00 pm All Levels Equipment


8:00 am All Levels Equipment

10:00 Intermediate Equipment


9:00 am Essential Equipment


10:00 am All Levels Equipment


9:00 am All Levels Equipment

What Makes Our Reformer Lessons the Best in Town?

  • SMALL class size – We are the only studio in town which limits pilates reformer classes to a maximum of four participants. This ensures that your instructor can provide you with meaningful suggestions to get the most our of every exercise.
  • Creative Programming means your body is always learning new movements and your muscles are continually challenged.
  • The revolutionary STOTT PILATES V2Max Plus Reformer is like no other Pilates Machine.  The dual pulley system allows for greater range of motion, maximizing your flexibility.

Purchase 24 Equipment Lessons @ $35 each

Purchase 12 Equipment Lessons @ $37 each

Purchase one Equipment Lesson @ $40 each

Client Success Story: Staci Wise

Client Success Story: Staci Wise

staci wise head shot croppedWe recently sat down with Staci Wise to talk Pilates. Here’s her story.

the center:  What are the three things you like about Pilates?


  • First of all, I like the the improvement in my body awareness: I am now very cognizant of how I carry myself throughout a normal day. My overall posture and gait has improved substantially since learning to stabilize my core and hips.
  • Second, the improvement in my range of motion and strength, especially in my previous injured areas (neck and shoulder).  
  • Third, I like that I am learning to take care of myself and my body; Pilates helped me build strength and prevent dysfunctional movement, but it has also taught me to focus on my breath and take care of my whole self.  Thankfully, I am now able to function pain-free during a normal day!

the center: What made you try Pilates?

Staci:  I had been struggling with a neck and shoulder injury for over 18 months, that left me very weak. I had limited movement of my neck and shoulder and was in chronic pain.  My physical therapist recommended Pilates as a way to improve my posture and core strength.  Given that I had been through various physical therapy regimens, shoulder surgery, and pain medications, I was willing to try anything to decrease my pain.  After my first meeting with Mary Jo, I knew that I was going to get the individual attention that I needed to achieve my personal goals.

staci wise doing mermaid on the reformer croppedthe center: What advice would you give to someone who was interested in trying Pilates?

Staci: Since I had have a such a positive experience, I actually recommend Pilates to everyone! Most of us sit for long periods in front of computers, that we are not even aware of our poor posture or that our core is not engaged. With Pilates, you will quickly learn where your strengths and weaknesses are in regards to your muscle strength. Gradually, you will improve muscle coordination and strength that will be noticeable outside of the work-out environment. I would also highly recommend Pilates to someone just coming off of an injury; it was imperative for me to have a a fitness plan in place when I transitioned from my physical therapist. My Pilates sessions built upon the foundation of my physical therapy exercises, but added extra attention to my breath and overall body health. I feel that My Pilates instructors gave me a safe environment and the emotional support to improve my overall physical health, as well as my mental well-being.

Fall Mat Pilates Classes are Back!

Fall Mat Pilates Classes are Back!

Mat Pilates

10 Week Fall Session

10/5 – 12/17/2015

Tuesdays @ 8:00 am with the fabulous Lia Jordan
Wednesdays @ 7:00 pm with the amazing Laura Seifter
Thursdays @ 8:00 am with the marvelous Missy McMurray

the center mat pilates classes for beginners and intermediate in east cobbWhat Makes Our Mat Classes Special?

  • The instructors use small equipment and props to support good form and / or provide additional challenge.
  • Classes are limited to 10 participants to ensure you receive individual attention.
  • Our instructors are internationally certified in Pilates.
  • They are experienced teachers who have seen many levels and abilities in their classes. They know how to teach you to get the most out of what you are doing.


In town the week of Thanksgiving and Christmas? Join us for just $18 per class.  All are welcome – bring your friends, guests, and family members.  These will be special themed classes, so get ready for some fun!
Monday, November 23 @ 7 pm
Tuesday, November 24 @ 8 am
Monday, December 21 @ 7pm
Tuesday, December 22 @ 8am
Lessons expire on December 17, 2015
Missed lessons may be made up by taking a different day/time. However, A 24 hour notice of cancellation is required to avoid a full lesson charge.


Call us at 678-234-0202
8 Weeks to a New You!

8 Weeks to a New You!

the center’s 8 Week Mat Pilates class session starts August 10, 2015.

 Mat Classes will strengthen, lengthen and tone your whole body!

stott pilates mat class at the center in marietta gaWhat makes our Mat Pilates classes special?

The instructors incorporate the use of small equipment and props to support good form and / or provide additional challenge.

Classes are limited to 10 participants to ensure you receive individual attention.

Our instructors are true professionals, and are internationally certified in Pilates and/or studying for their certification exams.

They have more than 10 years experience combined in teaching mat pilates and have seen many levels and abilities in their classes.

In short, you will get professional instruction from the cream of the crop!

Session runs from August 10 – October 2, 2015

Choose from one or more of these class times:

Monday & Wednesday at 7:00 pm

Tuesday & Thursday at 8:00 am


$18 each for 2x per week (purchase 16 lesson package here)

$20 each for 1 x per week (purchase 8 lesson package here)

$25 for single lesson (purchase single lesson here)


All abilities are accommodated; however we recommend a private Pilates lesson or two if you are new to Pilates.

Lessons expire on October 2, 2015.  A 24 hour notice of cancellation is reguired to avoid a full lesson charge.

For more information, email or call the studio at 678-234-0202